We are asked many times what kind of violins and pickups Barrage uses.

Barrage is on the road for much of the year traveling to many countries with many different climates and temperatures. For the Barrage lifestyle, we need instruments that are durable and low maintenance.

All our violinists play on Yuan Qin violins.
These violins are a popular choice with students and teachers. They produce a strong tone with easy playability.

Over the years we have tried many pickups but for the sound and the demands of the road, we use L.R. Baggs bridge pick-ups.

The technology to produce quality carbon fiber bows has improved immensely since they first came out many years ago. Barrage is now using Arco Nouveau Carbon Fiber Bows.

For the durability, great weight, balance, camber and price point; these bows work best for Barrage.

All our violins, pickups, bows and accessories are available at Southwest Strings www.swstrings.com.