As the creators of Barrage and Executive Producers of Barrage the five incurable optimists and irrepressible dreamers of 5 to 1 Entertainments share a passion for music and creative endeavors.

Since forming Barrage in 1996, they have forged their own unique path through the entertainment industry while staying true to their unshakable belief that artistic experiences can motivate, educate, cross cultural boundaries and still be fun.

Their idealism and sheer hard-headed determination has kept their creative and entrepreneurial juices flowing through the years.

Brian Hansen – Artistic Director

Brian Hansen’s diverse background in theatre and performance has been driving him for years to continue creating projects that centre around the fusion of different art forms. He has produced a wide variety of shows and as a Co-Artistic Director of Back Pocket Performance Theatre he brings his experience and style of experimentation to the creative team of Barrage.

Dean Marshall – Artistic Director

Over the past decade, Dean Marshall has distinguished himself as a versatile pedagogue, composer, arranger and performer. Dean has stretched the parameters of violin playing by incorporating fiddling and traditional music styles with a contemporary world-beat sound. He has also produced numerous recording and video projects that have been enjoyed by millions worldwide.

Jana Wyber

Jana Wyber’s eclectic background in performance, academics, event management and arts administration is not the most conventional for someone in the entrepreneurial world of 5 to 1 Entertainments but it has certainly made her a master problem-solver and administrator. Although she can often be found knee-deep in publicity materials, she is also involved in practically anything and everything that involves a paper trail.

Anthony Moore

There isn’t much in the hands-on world of touring and performance that Anthony Moore hasn’t encountered over the years. he has traveled to countless countries, organized innumerable performances and interacted with a myriad of cultures over the years. His invaluable knowledge of touring and production make him the point man for many of the partnership’s enterprises.

John Crozman

John Crozman’s irrepressible creative instinct has been focused on forming and running self-sufficient new and exciting music concepts and products for over 15 years. A former violinist and fiddler with a solid business background, John has a passion for pushing the limits and stretching the parameters of what is considered “traditional”.